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Role/  Visual Designer, UX Researcher

Duration/  1 Week

Final Prototype/

Scene 11.png

High Fidelity Prototype/


Accessible Across Devices

Whether on your computer, iPad, or mobile, discover the perfect platform for your desired app or software on Know.


Elderly individuals frequently encounter challenges when endeavoring to grasp the functionalities of smartphones and computers due to their limited familiarity with electronic devices. This lack of knowledge and potential visual or language impairments contribute to overwhelming and uncertainness.


Know's primary objective is to equip seniors with the confidence and skills to navigate contemporary technology adeptly. Through accessible instructional videos enabling seniors to surmount obstacles, enhance digital proficiency, and actively participate in technologies.


Hover to listen to users’ stories


"I wish I could easily learn new technologies to stay connected with my children who live far from me, but I am afraid I am too old for this."

Florence Anderson

"As a retired man who is dealing with amblyopia. I promise my friend will do him a favor and help him manage a new team. But those online meeting tools drive me crazy. Everything is online right now. I really need to get used to those new things."

Jamal Carter

" I recently moved to the US and am trying my best to learn English. I hope to find a way to overcome language barriers and effectively utilize technology for communication and learning in my new environment."

Miguel Gonzalez


图层 1.png
  • Analysis of User Traits and Needs

  • Web Platform Sitemap

图层 1.png
  • Mobile Platform User Flow

Affinity Diagram/

After creating the affinity diagram analysis, key pain points among senior users' technology use have surfaced focusing on three areas:


Interaction Challenges

Seniors struggled with navigating software interfaces and mastering device controls, causing frustration and hesitancy in utilizing digital tools effectively.


Understanding Complexities

Grasping modern technology's functionalities is daunting for seniors due to intricate jargon and swiftly evolving interfaces, hindering their confidence and independent tool usage.


Overcoming Apprehension

Unfamiliarity and past negative experiences create technological hesitancy among seniors. Easing these mental barriers is pivotal for building confidence and nurturing a positive outlook toward digital devices.


In addressing these pain points, a holistic approach is essential. Crafting user-friendly interfaces, offering clear instructions, and providing patient guidance will empower seniors to surmount interaction hurdles and enhance technology comprehension.

Visual Setting/

Tailor the visual experience to personal preference with the option to select either light or dark modes.

Group 5367.png
  • Light Mode

Group 5368.png
  • Dark Mode

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