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Un Nouveau Jour

TEAM     Jae Chen

ROLE     UX Designer, UX Researcher

DURATION     Two weeks

Un Nouveau Jour is a flower arrangement app that empowers users to create their perfect floral displays. With the freedom to choose flowers, users can preview their arrangements in their space using AR tech. The app also provides valuable flower care information to keep bouquets fresh and vibrant. Embrace the art of floral design and elevate your space with Un Nouveau Jour.

Un Nouveau Jour

Problem Statement

Flower Arrangement

Users struggle with creating aesthetically pleasing floral arrangements on their own, unsure of which flowers and colors complement each other best.

Care of the Bouquet

Users find it challenging to maintain the longevity of their bouquets once purchased, unsure of the proper care techniques and often leading to premature wilting.

Matching with the space

Users are uncertain about how to choose flower arrangements that harmonize well with their home or office decor, making it difficult to find the perfect fit for their space.

Quick Ordering Process

Users face frustration with complicated ordering procedures, desiring a more streamlined and efficient process to place their flower arrangement orders seamlessly.


Darren finds his flowers have wilted and wants to replace them.

He downloads the app Un Nouveau Jour and opens it

He selects the flowers he likes and arranges them

Darren uses AR technology to see if his arrangement fits his space.

The florist receives Darren's order and delivers it

Darren is delighted with his flower, it was a pleasant experience.

Big Picture


Storyboard (1).png

Darren opens Un nouveau jour on his phone.

He checks the seasonal recommended and selects the ones he likes.

Darren chooses other complementary flowers for his customize bouquet.

The app provides Darren with a preview and asks if he wants to make any modifications.

Darren opens his camera to see how the bouquet looks in the space.

After purchase, the app provides Darren a confirmation of his order.


User Flow

Flower Arrange App - Frame 1 (1).jpg

Personas Profile


Darren Richards

Local coffee house owner

“I hope my guests feel comfortable when they come to visit. Flowers usually put people in a pleasant mood. But I have no idea what flowers or plants might fit my interior design.”

Design Detail

Un Nouveau Jour features the AR camera function, allowing users to place their flower arrangements in any space they desire virtually. 

Low-fidelity Wireframes
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